Aaaarrgghh Spider!

This week in Nursery, our story of the week was ‘Aaaaargghh Spider!”, which inspired the children to create their own spiderwebs by using pva glue and glitter. The children have also used different materials from the art caddy to create pictures of cornfields.

The children have enjoyed being outside in the sunshine this week. They have ridden the bikes, cars and scooters and they had a lot of fun using imaginative play and baking mud pies in the mud kitchen.

The children were excited to see how much the furry caterpillars have been growing. It will not be long before they start to cocoon and turn into beautiful butterflies.

Next term, our topic will be ‘Under the Sea’. We will have some very exciting books that link closely to our topic, such as ‘Ten Little Pirates’. We cannot wait to share the lovely activities we have planned with children.