Jasper’s Beanstalk

Welcome back, everyone! We hope you had a lovely Easter break and it is good to see you healthy and well and it is great to hear about your many Easter adventures.

In Nursery this week, the children have planted seeds and plants outside in the garden and have taken turns to water them.

During art, the children have used still-life pictures of a tomato as inspiration to make their own pictures of a tomato. They were free to use any resources from the art caddy and have used a vast range of materials. They look great!

Our story of the week was ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ which was a great introduction to this term’s topic ‘What’s in the Garden?’. The children have enjoyed talking about growing and what all of the different plants need to make them grow.

Home Learning

Can you help your mummies and daddies with some planting or gardening over the weekend - just like in our story ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’?

Can you talk about and remember what you will need to make your plants grow?

Please feel free to fill in and complete a wow slip about this and return to Nursery next week.

Rumble in the Jungle

In Nursery this week, the children have worked really hard on their phonics. They have practised their SATPIN letter sounds, matched instrument sounds to animal puppets and identified rhyming words. The children have engaged in lots of role play outside using the playhouse and masks to act out ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

We also made lots of Easter crafts such as pom-pom printing on egg shapes, hand print carrots and chocolate rice crispy cakes.

Our story of the week was ‘Rumble In The Jungle”, the children have enjoyed playing with the foam blocks by stacking them in different ways and exploring with the safari animals.

Home Learning

Can all children please complete a ‘Wow’ slip over the Easter holidays and return to Nursery when we are back, for the new term.

Our new topic for term 5 in Nursery will be ‘What’s In The Garden?’ where we will be looking at growing, flowers, plants and mini-beasts. What can you find in your garden over Easter? Can you draw a picture or bring in a photograph to share with your friends.

We hope you all have a lovely Easter break and rest. We look forward to hearing all about your   holidays when we return.

Giraffes Can’t Dance

This week in Nursery, our story of the week has been "Giraffes Can’t Dance". The children have enjoyed dancing and moving their bodies in different ways just like Gerald the Giraffe.

We used our fingerprints to make giraffes in art, we also decorated sparkly moons,

The children used model animals to make imprints in Play-Doh during messy play. We have also painted some very colourful pictures and played with kinetic sand.

The weather has been lovely this week so we have spent a lot of time outside in the garden! During the afternoons we have built obstacles courses, practised our balance-ability skills on the balance bikes and explored in the mud kitchen.

Home Learning

Can you find things around your home or when you are out beginning with “A”?

Can you draw something beginning with “A”?

Walking Through the Jungle

This week in Nursery, our story of the week was “Walking through the Jungle”. The children enjoyed using different tones of voice to tell the story. We used a deep voice, whisper voice and squeaky voice.

The children had fun with messy play by using cereals and safari animals. They looked at animal

patterns and textures, such as spots, stripes, rough and smooth and identifying which animals have these patterns.

Home Learning

Can you find things around your home or when you are out beginning with “s”?

Can you draw something beginning with “s”?

Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose

This week in Nursery, we have been working on our number recognition up to 10 in small groups as well as having lots of discussions around healthy and unhealthy foods. We have introduced a variety of new foods for the children to enjoy at snack time in the morning such as toast, breadsticks, ham, yoghurts, fruit and crackers.

Our story of the week has been “Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose”. The children have listened well to the rhyming words in the story throughout the week.

In PE this week, the children had lots of fun practising their gross motor skills by crawling through tunnels, kicking footballs and jumping over hurdles. The children will soon start practising for Sports Day in their PE lessons.

Thank you to all parents that attended parents evening this week, we hope you enjoyed looking through your children’s learning journeys and are pleased with the progress all children are making.

Listening & Phonics

This term in Nursery, we are working really hard on hearing our sounds which will help us recognise sounds in books, hear initial letter sounds and get us ready for Reception. We are doing this in a variety of ways such as through new and exciting phonics activities, environmental sounds inside and outside the classroom and lots of listening games and activities.

You can also help us with this by practising listening to a variety of sounds around the home and using phonetical sounds. Below is a video of “Mr Thorne does phonics” to help you sound out your letter sounds correctly.


In Nursery this week, our story of the week has been ‘Each Peach Pear Plum’. The children have enjoyed fruit print painting and a range of messy play incorporating nursery rhyme characters.

We are exploring a range of objects and they sounds they create by tapping and rubbing them together.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed your half term. All the children have settled back in to Nursery well. We have been focusing on phonics and the sounds that we can hear around us. We have also been doing lots of singing and encouraging the children to join in with the actions.

Duck in a Truck

This week in Nursery, we have looked at the texture of different objects and how they feel. Luckily, it snowed last week and the children really enjoyed touching the snow and trying to build mini snowmen over at the field. They had a lot of fun         experimenting with it. We have also been using the Numicon a lot this week in provision the children are showing a real interest in this, at the moment, and the different ways we can learn and play using it.

Our story this week was ’ Duck in a Truck’. Lots of the children were already familiar with the story and were very good at joining in with the key phrases such as “stuck in the muck”. The children have made woolly sheep using cotton wool and decorated   yellow ducks with tissue paper to make feathers.

Well done to Kallie and Theo this week who both received certificates to take home for their hard work and perseverance when working with the Numicon. Dawn and  Verity were very impressed!

Occupations and Different Ways of Life

This week in Nursery, we have been looking at occupations and different ways of life. The children are really enjoying dressing up as policeman and “catching the bad guys” as they say. We have also been on the balance bikes in the garden this week and some of us are getting really good at beginning to glide. You can really see the children’s confidence developing the more they practise which is great.

Our story this week has been ‘How to Catch a Star’. Lots of the children were already fa-miliar with the story which was great. The children have made paint and glitter moons and tin foil stars which we have hung inside nursery in our home corner. The children all enjoyed learning that starfish have eyes on the end of each of their points.

Aliens in Underpants Save the World

This week in Nursery, we have been listening to others one to one and in small groups. The children have enjoyed lots of small group work playing Incy Wincy spider and Transport Lotto. We have been practising counting up to 10 and recognising numbers between 1 and 10 - the children are doing a fantastic job at this and are trying really hard.

Our story this week was ‘Aliens In Underpants Save The World’. The children have really enjoyed this story! They have used patterned rollers to decorate giant underpants and used pre-cut shapes to make their own rocket pictures. Our topic board is filling up fast in Nursery with beautiful artwork from the children.