In Nursery this week, we read ‘One Mole Digging A Hole’. The children worked hard at recognising the numbers throughout the book and were able to tell us what number comes next. “What number comes after 3?” “4.” said Joesph. Sorrel even noticed there are rhyming words “Verity, carrots and parrots rhyme.” she said. Next week’s book is ‘Something Beginning with Blue.’

The children have been learning about the four seasons and the changes that happen outside. The children can now talk about the leaves changing colours and falling on the ground during Autumn. During Spring, the children have learnt that plants and flowers start to grow.

Our art work this week was inspired by Remembrance Day. We watched a short video on Cbeebies about Remembrance Day and looked at photographs of poppies and real medals that were brought in. This has helped the children to understand about this special day and create some beautiful artwork. They made poppy straws, coloured in poppy wreaths and designed their own medals using a variety of materials such as pens, pencils, glue, glitter and tissue paper.

What we are working on next week

Sounds Number Shape Colour
Tt 3 Square Blue