Hello Goodbye?

This week in Nursery, our story has been ‘Hello Goodbye?’ The children have all joined in with key phrases by saying ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in squeaky and deep voices which they found very funny.

During circle time, we have been looking at our shape of the week - which was a rectangle. The children described the shape by discussing how many sides and corners it had. “It has 2 long sides and 2 short sides” said Neveah.

We have created trees using pva glue and green tissue paper, using our story ‘Hello Goodbye?’ as inspiration. The children have had the oats out in the tough spot and have been pretending to make porridge. Harry has been outside helping the children practise their balancing skills, throwing and catching skills and colour recognition.

We have enjoyed singing our Harvest Festival song ‘Thank You God’ and learning the actions. The children look forward to singing and dancing to our “Open the Book” songs at the end of each day: a particular favourite of the children’s is ‘God Loves Me’.

What We Are Working on Next Week

Sounds Number Shape Colour
N 6 Oval Green