The Very Lazy Ladybird

This week in Nursery, our story of the week was ‘The Very Lazy Ladybird’ which inspired beautiful artwork. The children chose materials they liked from the art caddy, including tissue paper and paint to create their own ladybird pictures.

The children enjoyed practising measuring with metre sticks and weighing with scales to see which objects were the shortest, longest, lightest and heaviest. This was a great way to introduce the children to measure and they enjoyed measuring whatever they could find!

During PE with Mr Lawrence, the children have enjoyed practising their races for sports day. Our races this year will consist of a running race, hurdles, dressing up and crawling through tunnels.

Sports Day will be on Thursday 23rd May, with Nursery’s races starting at 11:30am. If your child does not attend nursery on this day, you are more than welcome to bring them along and meet us on the field to participate but you will need to stay will them. From 12pm, the children will join the rest of the school and their families for a picnic lunch. You are more than welcome to bring your own picnic, however, if you would like the school to provide your child with a cold lunch, please inform Nursery staff by Friday 17th May.

The children are really excited for Sports Day and we hope to see you there!