Where’s My Teddy?

This week in Nursery, we have been reading our story ‘Where’s My Teddy?’. The children enjoyed sitting with a teddy while listening to the story. We also had props and resources out from the story for the children to play with and for us to see what they could recall from the story in their own words.

Inside Nursery we practised giving meaning to the marks we make when using whiteboards such as the letter sounds in our names. We are also focusing on supporting our children to begin to form the correct grip when using pens, pencils and crayons in Nursery.

We explored messy play through play dough by using different sized bear cutters and rolling pins to see what could be made. We have also been busy making hand print bears using brown paint for big brown bears and white paint for polar bears.

We experimented with large construction outside and have acted out the story of ‘Goldilocks And the Three Bears’ using laminated masks, chairs and play food. The children really have enjoyed this story this term.