Nursery Bubble 26/02/2021

Welcome back Nursery!

This week, the children in Nursery have been super busy! They have practised actions to go with new songs, built incredible structures and were visited by Jack the Dog Puppet, when Miss Lewis came over to tell them a story!

Wow! What a week!

Well done Nursery!

Miss Lewis’ Story Time 11/02/2021

This week Miss Lewis read some more of the Christmas story and the wise men came to visit baby Jesus. The children really enjoy listening and learning during these sessions.

Miss Lewis’ Story Time 30/11/2020

We had the story about the Angel and Mary today.

What's the angel called? “Gabriel” said Leo.

What did he say? “You’re going to have a baby.” said Paige.

What will the baby be called ? “Jesus.” said Edith.

Miss Lewis’ Story Time 20/11/2020

We are starting to read our Christmas bible stories and this week we looked at Mary and Gabriel's story. The children then tried to fly like angels.

Miss Lewis’ Story Time 13/11/2020

We have been looking at the story of Noah’s Ark. The children have been busy making paints of the story.

The children are really enjoying learning about Noah’s Ark through the stories of the Bible!

Our Church School 06/11/2020

This term, our collective worship theme is generosity.

Also this week, Miss Lewis spent some time in Nursery talking to the children about our school value of Love.

She read the parable of The Good Samaritan from the Bible and the children could see how the Samaritan showed Love in the story. The children thought about
how they could show Love in Nursery and at home.

Jack said “I show love to my baby sister so she can grow up.”

Edith said “If Paige hurts herself, I will help her.”

Lucas said “If Leo falls over in the garden, I will help him.”

Paige said “If someone is crying at Nursery, I will give them a cuddle.”


Miss Lewis sat in the Nursery garden with the children to read the next part of the story of Adam and Eve.

We found out that Adam and Eve broke the rules that God had given them and did not make good choices.

We talked about what the rules were in nursery and Leo, Paige and Lucas remembered that our rules are “Love, Strength, Wisdom and Truth.”

Our Church School 09/10/2020

This week, Miss Lewis popped into the Nursery to read the children a story from the bible.

On Friday, Miss Lewis read the story of Adam and Eve.

The children enjoyed listening to the story and talking about the characters.

When asked about the characters and who was in the story. Leo said “Adam and Eve,” and Jack said “God.”

When we asked the children what the book was called that Miss Lewis was reading from. Sami said “It’s the bible.”